Data entry made easy

Automatic data extraction for purchase invoices

  • AI data capture
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  • Go paperless
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  • Your expenses in the same place

No credit card required

Integrated QuickBooks Online API for Bill creation

  • Seamless integration with your QuikBooks Companies.
  • Export large amount of bills fast & directly to your expenses accounting.

Generate Excels and different outputs from your processed invoices

  • Default ChronoInvoice outputs for your invoices.
  • Default Sage & Xero outputs.

See it in action

Country of origin of the invoice:

This is just a plain example with a few extracted fields to show what ChronoInvoice does when processing an invoice for the first time.

Of course, you will be able to teach chronoInvoice where to find the supplier, invoice references, dates and more.

If you want to know what else ChronoInvoice does for you, refer to the documentation.

How it works

Submit your documents

Send your invoices to ChronoInvoice via app, email, photos or scan and let the engine process them for you.

Let ChronoInvoice capture the data

Intelli-Tags Static Intelli-Tags: A powerful technology developed by ChronoScan and used by thousands of users to find the most important data of an invoice of the configured country; references, dates, taxes, totals, line items and more. Besides looking for and associating the corresponding supplier.
Learn more about Intelli-Tags

Magnets Magnets: Free configuration selection areas for ChronoInvoice to learn where to look for the data to be extracted in future processing for the same type of document or supplier.

Verify the data

Once the documents have been processed, the extracted data is validated or sent to the corresponding validators, depending on the workflow.

Export your documents

Publish your documents to cloud-accounting integrations or Excel files to keep your accounting up to date.

Invoice magnetized

Designed for accountants and small- and medium-sized firms

Multiuser application

Invite and manage as many users as you need to work with your entities.

You choose the workflow of your entities

ChronoInvoice offers you two diffrent workflows:

An efficient, three-step workflow to have your documents ready to export as soon as possible.

A validation workflow for those companies that need documents approved by one or more validators.

Safe and cloud-based storage

All your accounting in the same place: quickly and safely access your documents from wherever you are.

Go paperless and don't lose time finding your documents.


  • Built-in OCR

    For the past 24 years we have been developing advanced scanning and data extraction applications.

  • Email service

    Send & receive documents from anywhere and have them processed by the time you need them.

  • Cloud based

    Upload, manage, export and keep your Accounts Payable organized from anywhere at anytime.

  • Multiple file formats

    Receive invoices through email or web in multiple formats: Image, PDF, Word, Excel..

  • Automatic data extraction

    Built in OCR and PDF tools for accurate data detection: Suppliers, Dates, Totals, Taxes, Line items and more.

  • Multiuser application

    Invite other users to work with your entities as operators or validators for the best effiency of your firm.

  • Simple workflow

    Easy workflow for invoice reception and data validation. Receive automatic notifications by email of incoming invoices, validate and export them.

  • Intelligent data management

    Integrated AI that remembers your preferences and learns from your manual corrections.

  • Automatic pairing

    Supplier-invoice and account codes-line items pairing for faster and easier processing.